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Retail Mantras by a Noted Speaker 7 years ago

Douglas Fleener, a retail keynote speaker is known for providing ground breaking solutions to the people on how to start and flourish as a retailer. Ultimately, whatever a person does is directed towards achieving his goals, success and fame in life. Nobody wants a life full of financial debt, unfulfilled desires and a struggling life. A certain time comes in life when a person wants a stable income, a comfortable home and a happy life. But most of the people think that being a retailer cannot offer all those things that a person can dream. It is the biggest myth that has led to many people living a life on edges, because most of the people confuse a retail job to marketing job. Most of the people have also quit their retail enterprises and started working in corporate sector in lieu of stable income.

But the fact is a retail enterprise is as profitable and stable as a job. To throw light and solve the problems of clients Doughlas guides them as a retail consultant by:

Understanding the whole business and problems his clients are facing.
Coaching them in the areas to focus, i.e. how to increase sales? How to councel the leads effectively and convert them?

Inspiring the clients by giving real life examples and motivating them to get through the tough times.
The energetic and humorous style of communication makes the clients relax and have a positive outlook towards life and business even when going through rough patches.

He is not only a noted speaker, but also provides retail training to the clients. There are specially customized programs and training classes where the clients learn how to:

Increase the revenue and profit as a retail enterprise
Use different channels of promotion and keep the customers happy and satisfied
Manage staff and keep them motivated to do more conversions
Increase the goodwill in the market and become financially stronger
Grow in a competitive environment and carve a niche in the market.

The programs are not just about positive thinking and positive reinforcements in the workplace, but also about putting the clients in situations where they have to solve the critical situation and mitigate the loss. Many new retailers get demotivated due to lack of conversions; or feel agitated at the loss of a promising staff member or get depressed due to financial crunches. But it is important to understand that no new business can flourish in a blink of a second. In the sessions, they are trained to handle pressure and how to make it an opportunity to grow rather than thinking it as a speed breaker.

It is important for a person to realize the being a retailer is an opportunity to be your own boss and take risks to diversify and grow whichever way they want to. In a way; it is creating your own life and if touching the sky is the dream it will be fulfilled with continuous perseverance and efforts in the right direction.

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