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Tips On Giving Better Interviews 7 years ago

When it comes to giving interviews, there is always a distinct kind of nervousness that keeps ticking on the back of your head, no matter how much experience you hold in that domain. Things get a little more intense when you are applying for a marketing related field such as retail sector. In last few decades, this sector has evolved as one of largest absorber of man power. Retail sales have taken so many store chains and business houses by storm. One of the prime reasons why all kind of professionals feel allured to it and apply for retail training.

This trend has also given rise to a new race of experienced professionals who like to be called as retail speakers and experts. One of the most precious gems from this race is Doug Fleener which is known for giving the most exclusive services in retail segment. A proficient retail speaker and motivator, he has acquired special status in the sector with his special services focused on giving coaching, consultation services, teaching leadership development skills, special programs for small business owners, executive coaching, store visits, site visits, etc.

His basic aim is to impart best lessons based on all his learning that he has gathered in his experience. With respect to giving interviews he believes that interviewing and hiring are one of the most significant job responsibilities held by a manager. The candidate must remember that little things that they do, can make a bigger difference to their future career. There are a few things that can be done to improve one’s interviewing skills.

As per Doug, the first thing that a candidate can do to improve their performance in an interview is making an appropriate schedule. Never schedule an interview when you are unsure if you will be able to give your complete attention to the interviewee. It is an important task to choose the right person for your company, therefore, unless you are not sure that you will be able to concentrate with full energy and will be able to take the right decision, it is better you don’t attempt to do any such thing.

Another specific thing to remember in this regard is to know how to make a deep impression. Always remember, it is not only you who is interviewing the candidate, you are being interviewed by the candidate in the same manner but in form of silent observations. Other important thing to be kept in mind is to keep away distractions and have an uncanny ability to listen to others.

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